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CMP takes pride in specializing in the planning and construction of custom homes that are both luxurious and high-end. These homes are used as private residences, investment properties, or often both. We provides custom home construction services with our brand of proven quality and throughout the construction process you will see our engineering principles at work.

We’re committed

Reputation is extremely important to CMP and we know one way to build that reputation is through repeat business - something the fly by night companies cannot do. When we are finished with a project, we want to be as proud of it as you are and if you have any question or issue that needs to be resolved, we are going to resolve it before the final completion to our mutual satisfaction.

We earn trust

Repeat business is easier to generate than new business, and new business is easy to generate with satisfied customers. CMP wants to build your next project and the one after that and for your associates as well. We want to earn the loyalty and trust of our clients through our commitment to quality and you will find this core value in our office and on the worksites.


We research the legal codes for building, right of ways and abatements, while we also act as financial managers that ensure every expenditure is used to the fullest advantage while maintaining quality. Our workers put in the time to make your project move according to schedule while being overseen by seasoned supervisors that can best manage the veritable army of craftsmen making your dream home a reality.


We focus on building beautiful Single Houses, Townhouses, Multi-Family & Commercial Buildings. We are going to give you time-tested support and results that will maximize the value of your construction projects. When we start the design process for your project, we work with you in developing preliminary and final budget projections and you will receiving drawings that will confirm full compliance with your stated budget.

It is not enough to have great qualities. We should also have the management of them.

François de La Rochefoucauld
We have completed dozens of major projects in the Metro Vancouver area, which demonstrated our skills and experience in delivering a level of service that is unparalled by our competitors. Let us bring a premium and luxurious feeling to your next project.
  • Construction Scheduling
  • Construction Supervision
  • Cost Control
  • Warranty Management

We shape our buildings, and afterwards they shape us.

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Full service general contractor, ensure quality work, deliver project on time and on budget. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor.
  • Single House
  • Townhouse
  • Multi Family
  • Commercial
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